Franciscan Conference: “Economic Justice, Franciscans and Poverty: Insights and Challenges from Peter of John Olivi”

July 12-15, 2015, St. Bonaventure University

This summer the Franciscan Institute at St. Bonaventure University will host a symposium: “Economic Justice, Franciscans, and Poverty: Insights and Challenges from Peter of John Olivi.”

This event, which will coincide with the Feast of Saint Bonaventure, will include a workshop on Olivi’s timely text De contractibus. At a time when Pope Francis seeks to draw attention to the realities of a faith and action, St. Bonaventure University believes the Franciscan tradition, as evidenced in Peter of John Olivi’s writings, offers a distinctive voice that needs to be heard, discussed, and critiqued.

Work is already underway to translate the critical edition of his text on legal contracts published by the eminent Olivi scholar, Sylvain Piron. Noted Franciscan historian Michael Cusato, is responsible for this translation. Selected translations of De contractibus will be available for symposium participants.

The first segment of the symposium will feature scholarly papers from well-known international experts such as Marco Bartoli, David Burr, and David Flood that highlight various aspects of Olivi’s theology, spirituality, and philosophy. Other established and emerging scholars such as Pietro Delcorno, Dabney Park, Filippo Sedda, Willem Marie Speelman, and Juhana Toivanen will present their research.

Ample time will be allotted for discussion so that those new to Olivi’s work may gain a basic understanding of his contribution to the Franciscan tradition, as noted scholars delve deeper into their chosen areas of expertise.

The second segment will focus on Olivi’s contribution to economic thought through a close reading and discussion of De contractibus. With this unique workshop, the Franciscan Institute hopes to engage both academics and professionals in related fields (philosophy, economics, finance, political science, theology) in a conversation about how sources from the Franciscan intellectual tradition can contribute to current discussions being urged by leaders such as Pope Francis on the difficult topic of economic inequality.

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