CfP: The Monasteries and the Reformation in Northern Europe

The Monasteries and the Reformation in Northern Europe
November Symposium 2014, Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Southern Denmark

Call for papers

It is a well-established and commonsensical truth that all monasteries disappeared as a result of the Danish Reformation in 1536. However, the dissolution continued throughout the 16th Century and perhaps even as far as 1621. This process has never been investigated in a thorough manner. Thus, we still work with several explanations as to what happened: Perhaps there were changing royal intersts at stake, perhaps certain types of monasteries were allowed to survive, while others were abandoned; or perhaps the decisions were influenced by foreign policy interests. The Centre for Medieval Studies at the University of Southern Denmark would like to investigate the topic of The Monasteries and the Reformation in depth at its autumn conference in 2014. The entire Danish conglomerate state will be investigated, including the Dual Monarchy Denmark-Norway, the North Atlantic possessions, as well as the Duchies and Gotland. By applying an international perspective, this conference seeks to compare developments in Denmark with events and circumstances in the North German Princely States and the Baltic.

Keynote speakers:

Euan Cameron (Columbia) & Martin Berntson (Jönköping)

The conference will be held at the University of Southern Denmark, on the 17th-18th of November 2014.

We welcome papers addressing in the following areas

Various types of monastic foundations, e.g. mendicants, abbeys, or convents.
Theological considerations, e.g. whether monastic institutions could be given an evangelical basis.
Royal policies for granting entailed estates to monasteries. Among other things, this can be applied to the study of continuity, where already before the Reformation, monasteries seem to have been part of the building of a territorial princely state with e.g. enforced giving of borgeleje to the King.
The conference language is English, and a selection of papers will be published.

Please submit the title of your paper and a brief abstract (max 200 words) to Lars Bisgaard ( The last day for submissions is the 22nd of April, 2014.

Yours sincerely,

The organizers:
Lars Bisgaard, associate professor, SDU (
Louise Nyholm Kallestrup, associate professor, SDU (
Per Seesko, Ph.D. student, SDU (


via Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Southern Denmark:

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